This blog is created to document the struggles, the triumphs, the giggles, the hopes, the tears, the laughter and the experiences that will forever shape me during this heartbreak.

I am incredibly blessed to have amazing people next to me whom I literally consider my guardian angels, whom have taken upon themselves to take care of my personal well-being, physically and mentally. I would not be here if it wasn’t for your words, thoughts, actions and the many joys that you all have brought into my life.

Thank you to each and everyone from my co-workers, to my family, to my best friend who has been holding my hand since the discovery… I love you all.

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My name will be undisclosed [for now] I live in conservative state but definitely am not. I am finance professional with many dreams, aspirations, desires and hopes. This is my current journey to move on from a difficult breakup.

I am choosing to document it as a means to heal, hopefully I will soon gather the understanding and peace that I will need in this journey.

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